(something) about me…

I'm a professional with over 20 years of experience in the online & media industry. My passion is to help companies grow their digital space. I love to create and lead the overall content strategy, production and deliver high-quality video content.

In the last seven years, I’ve run large, video first content teams, from strategy to execution. I've created over 20 shows, in the US and LATAM, accumulating more than 100M views. I have had the experience of running my own company, leading to a successful exit.

I've managed teams in different countries, time zones, languages and built operations for companies from scratch. Creating teams is one of my passions. Getting the best and achieving the most ambitious goals can only be possible with a group of people who believe and support your vision as a whole.

I'm part of the founding team of TEDxRiodelaPlata (the biggest TEDx event in the world: 15k+ in-person attendance). I work with the speakers by coaching and helping them deliver and expand their voice across our events. Beyond coaching, I host each event.

Not only do I host TEDx but I produce and host my own content as well! My podcast "Desde Lejos" is ranked #1 in iTunes in Spanish.

Since I have a vast experience as General Manager, I'm looking for a company where I can add real value and help the team achieve their goals. I believe that, what I bring to the table, will help reach the company's overall mission successfully.

So… How can I help you?

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